What is texture?

When we touch something we feel its texture. Every object has texture. We can usually imagine what an objects texture might feel like just by looking at it.
Texture is one of the five art elements

Types of texture:

There are two sorts of texture that you need to look for when exploring artworks:
· Real or Actual: These are textures that actually exist. They are what you would feel if you touched the artwork. Artists may create real texture in art to give it visual interest or evoke a feeling.
· Simulated or Implied: This is an illusion of texture. When we look at an artwork, the texture can sometimes appear very real. Artists try to re-create the illusion of surface quality.

Texture Activity

1. You are to create at least three different simulated textures which can be used on your sculpture.

a) One of the textures must be created using either the Photoshop Elements or Artrage programs.

b) One of the textures must be created from ‘photographically capturing’ a real texture. (Look around your environment carefully to find a really interesting surface/s)

c) One must be captured from an actual textural piece you have created. This piece can be either scanned or captured photographically.

2. You must select at least one of your textures and explore the visual qualities it contains though the exploration and use of other art elements.

3. Your ‘personally’ created textures must be uploaded into your Virtual World texture folder.