creating an aura around an object or person

step 1. open photo shop and the picture that you want an aura around

step 2. create a new layer then use the pen tool to make a zig zag like line

step 3. select paths then click stroke path, make sure simulate pressure is ticked

step 4. then delete the path

step 5. go in the hue/saturation tool (image, adjustments, hue/saturation or Ctrl + u) then tick colorize change the lightness saturation ( it looks best when the saturation is high) and change the hue to select the colour u want.

step 6.

how to attach blocks to your body on virtual worlds

step 1.
place any block down

step 2.
right click on it

step 3.
then click more

step 4.
then click attach

step 5.
from there you can chose which part of your body you want it to attach to