homework task 1.
Enhancing Eye Colour
- Put the photo of the eyes you wish the enhance,
-Using the magnetic lasso select every bit of the eye but the ires (black spot in the midddle)
- Once you have selected everything you wanted to enchance, click brightness and contrast and change the drag bars to where you want.
-This technique will make your eyes brighter and make them pop.


homework task 2.
homework task 3.
homework task 4.

Animation Research
The Trapdoor
I remembered The Trap door from when I was little, and back then I thought it was scary and funny at the same time. I think it’s really cool how they have used the plasticine for Claymation, as it makes the monsters look really weird and monster like.

I think the colours they have used for the monsters (Berk, Drutt and Boni) really compliment the dark dungeony colours in the background, and also really make the monsters pop and add the dark castle like feel to the animation.

The transition from picture to picture is perfect; there are no bits where everything’s a bit slow and out of time it flows really well. Every little move whether it be a finger moving to a monster diving down the trap door it’s all really well done.

The loud sounds of lightening really add emphasis to the castle scene of the animation, making it seem dark and lonely. The sounds used throughout are perfectly timed and fit in really well. For example in the URL above when the big red monster comes out of the trapdoor at the end the grunting, growling noises he makes make his character scarier.

The space in the animation is quite cluttered but it still works, Berk is a bit of a cluttered and unorganized character so the stuff everywhere shows who he is.