Photoshop TutorialQuick Selection Tool
~ You can use the Quick Selection tool to quickly paint a selection using an adjustable round brush tip. As you drag, the selection expands outward and automatically finds and follows defined edges in the image.

1. Select the Quick Selection tool.
2. In the options bar, click one of the selection options: New, Add To, or subtract from.
New is the default option if nothing is selected. After making the initial selection, the option changes automatically to Add to.


3. To change the brush tip size, click the Brush pop-up menu in the options bar, and type in a pixel size or drag the slider. Use the Size popup menu options to make the brush tip size sensitive to pen pressure or a stylus wheel.
When creating a selection, press the right bracket (]) to increase the Quick Selection tool brush tip size; press the left bracket ([) to decrease the brush tip size.
4. Choose Quick Selection options.
Sample All Layers Creates a selection based on all layers instead of just the currently selected layer.


~ Auto-Enhance Reduces roughness and blockiness in the selection boundary. Auto-Enhance automatically flows the selection further toward image edges and applies some of the edge refinement you can apply manually in the Refine Edge dialog with the Contrast and Radius options.

5. Paint inside the part of the image you want to select.
The selection grows as you paint. If updating is slow, continue to drag to allow time to complete work on the selection. As you paint near the edges of a shape, the selection area extends to follow the contours of the shape edge.


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Virtual World Tutorial
How to change texure of objects when building

When wanting to change the transparency of your object, go to the “texture” tab in your “build” window and then click on the “colour selection” panel and choose the colour that you desire. Then go to the “transparency” button (right from the colour selection button) have a play around with this button for a while until you achieve the desired result.