Laura’s PageHow to Make a Photo Look Cartoon
  1. First select the picture you want. This picture needs to have many lines and works best with pictures that haven’t got all the colours of the rainbow.
  2. Duplicate the background layer. This prevents anything happening to the actual picture itself and you can always have that to work off and not be worried about not being able to fix it or undo it.
  3. Now go to Filter, artistic and then Poster edges. This will make you photo look outlined.
  4. Again, go to Filter, Artistic and now Cut-out. This will colour in the picture and make it look cartoon.
This technique is best works with photos that have a lot of lines and not much blur. They also need a good colour scheme so that there aren’t many different colours. It is also hard to do this with people’s faces.Autumn_trees_copy2.jpg Autumn_trees_copy3.jpg
My Avatar
My avatar was created to reflect me. It has my blonde hair and blue eyes. My avatar is wearing a shirt which I created by finding the pattern on the internet. It has many stripes and spot which sometimes takes a while to load when I am using it on Virtual Worlds. To make it I uploaded the pattern on the program and put it on a t shirt. I also tweeked the pants that I got off the inventory shop to make them a blue colour. I then got some high heel shoes of that too.

Claymation Appreciation Task

I loved this Claymation because the topic. This song was my favourite for a very long time. I loved it because it is an ad for chocolate and it a great song. It is very imaginative and creative because of its topic that it’s advertising and its Claymation is impressive. The transition between photos was very good and flowed really well. The music was great because the animation was really about the song therefore it fitted in easily. There is a lot of camera movement and quite a big space and environment for the characters to move about in. The lighting was consistent throughout the clip and there still were a few shadows too. All over, it was a very professional clip that shows it story line easily.
The link to this video is

This a tutorial about how to change types of tree. It shows how to create a tree and change it's type