my_guy.JPGMy virtual self in second life, i went for the elvis hairstyle, my bit of clothing i made was the green jacket, with only the top button up to make him look sah indie

 Analysis On Animation

Red V Blue is a claymation with one red man and one blue man and they fight to the death, it is very effective because you can tell they took a lot of photos because it is very smooth. There was no sound effects, only music, which suited the video very well. There was also a lot of different camera angles to give it more impact, but most of the time the camera was pretty close to the object. Lighting isn't much of a thing here, it changes sometimes due to the camera pausing and starting.

How to make objects hollow in the virtual world, yeah!

Capture.PNG Go into the build tool then click the thing.Capture1.PNG Make it bigger so you can see what you're doing homie!

capture_2.PNGGo into object and then turn hollow all the way up.