Hello people its Mitchy K R


  1. Open up Photoshop
  2. Pick a background what you want to use
  3. Go to file then to open and find the picture you want to put on the background
  4. Click on the lasso tool and chose from the normal lasso tool, polygonal lasso tool, magnetic lasso tool.
  5. Outline the part of the picture that you want on the background.
  6. When outlined right click the image and select copy.
  7. switch to your back ground then go to the edit button on the tool bar and go down to paste.
  8. Then put the image anywhere on the background.

VW Tutorial How To Change The Colour and Texture of A Object

Step1: Go to the built option in the left bottom conner.
Step2: Click on the object that you want to change the colour of.
Step3: Go to the texture part if you like to change the texture of the object.
Step4: Click the colour box and pick from all the colours.
Step5: Close the tab and the object colour and texture should be changed.

Picture of my person in Virtual World
with my avatar i designed a black tank top with a little emblem on the frount. I have a green underlayer top under the tank top
and my avatar has black jean shorts.
Homework 3

Claymation Task

I liked this claymation because it was quick and simple. This claymation had good sounds at the

right time and was a little bit different to over claymations. The whole claymation was filmed in

a small area and the lighting made it clear. The time between each photo was smooth.

the claymation link-Worm Talent Show