1. Firstly, you need to open up Photoshop Elements and put in the photo that you want to work on.
2. Next you duplicate the layer and unlock the background layer by double clicking on the background layer and press ok.
3. You need to make the background layer visible and the background copy non visible
4. Go to FilteràStylize àGlowing edges and play around with the features that you want
5. Next you need to go to FilteràDistort àPolar Coordinates and click on Polar to rectangular
6. Next you have to rotate it 90 degrees to the right
7. Go to Filter àStylize àWind and then double tap CTRL F
8. You need to rotate it back 90 degrees left
9. Then you need to go to Filter àDistort àPolar Coordinates and click on rectangular to polar
10. Lastly you need to go to the background copy and go to the bar next to the opacity and go down to overlay and click on that and then you finished

Any Troubles?
If your having any troubles with this outline you can go to this website and watch the video .....
Visual World Tutorial: How To Copy Shapes

  1. 1st you go down to the bottom of the screen and go to Build
  2. Next you pick the shape that you want to copy
  3. Then you click on the screen to create the shape
  4. Next you resize the shape so you can see it clearer it you want to
  5. Then you go to the create tab up the top off the Build tab
  6. Then you go down to copy selected and make sure that the shape that you want to copy is selected on the screen
  7. Then click where you want the copied shape to be

Animation Appreciation Task Analysis

This Claymation is a very good example of just how easy a Claymation can be to create. It uses simple but effective uses of the clay. The maker of this Claymation has used simple shapes like a tap, some clay balls, a plane and some harder shapes like a teapot. Although there is no storyline to the Claymation it keeps you interested and makes you want to keep watching it to the very last frame. The transition between frames and pictures is pretty good but some flaws of this is you can see some of the shadows from his/her hand and some of the lighting becomes brighter and darker from time to time. Although there are some flaws in the lighting and shadows the general movement of the shapes a very good. The song is a good song/sound for the Claymation because it keeps you interested in the Claymation. The use of space in the Claymation has been used well, some shots have been shot from close and some have been shot from further away. I thought this Claymation was a very useful and good example of an easy but effective way to use clay and create a Claymation